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Sick Gourami

I know this is somewhat off topic, but the fact that my Gourami got sick in
a heavily planted tank is my lame excuse for posting to this list.

I have a Dwarf Gourami, exhibiting the following symptoms.  It seems to have
lost control of it's buoyancy.  In order to swim up off the bottom, it has
to do so with great effort of tail and pectoral fins.  When it stops working
that tail, it sinks to the bottom.  There, it leans over on the side of the
glass, or against a rock, to keep from laying on it's side.  It spends most
of it's time laying on the bottom like this.

He does swim to the surface to eat, or to draw air into it's mouth, as
Gourami's do.

His gill plates are moving in and out as if he is laboring for oxygen.  I am
amazed, each time I see him, that he's still alive.

This has been developing for a couple of weeks, and yesterday I moved him to
a quarantine tank, in case this is a disease that can spread to others.  I
have three other gouramies, and several other fish that seem to be fine.

Amonia and Nitrite = Zero.
Very Very soft water.
PH 6.8
Lots of plants.

Any ideas?