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C. wendtii

Greetings everyone!

I have a beautiful stand of red C. wendtii (with many baby plants) that I am 
about to move. I am slowly replacing my plain gravel substrate with Fluorite, 
and this plant is in the last portion of the tank for the change-over. Does 
anyone now how susceptible this crypt is to meltdown? Do they tolerate this 
type of a move?
Tank info: 29g, 75w, pH7.4,KH 4, GH 7, minimal CO2 with a Floramat 
can/reactor, nitrates 10ppm, heavy fish load, weekly feedings with Kent 
microsupplement and LeafZone, Bioplast mineral balls under crypts and swords.

Thanks in advance for any advice/info, please feel free to email me off-list.
In Pittsburgh where its a gorgeous sunny (rare) day!