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re: TB in fresh water tanks

This is not to say I think one should have a cavalier attitude when it comes
to hygiene and aquariums, but by coincidence I had to have a tuberculin test
done last week and it came out negative.  I've keep fish since I was a kid
and have alway done the no-no by starting the syphon by mouth.  I may just
be very lucky or piscine TB is not the same as human, especially if it
manifests as a red rash.   I made a note of the posting from the Shedd
Aquarium the other day.  Could it be possible that the people who tested
positive for TB picked in up elsewhere?

Gabriella Kadar

Steve Pushak wrote:
I've heard from various people including a fish store owner, that Neon
Tetras which come into stores are nowadays almost always infected with
Neon Tetra disease. I believe this is the same as fish TB isn't it?

That suggests to me that the bacterium or virus is pretty well endemic
to our aquaria. Exposure to it is probably much more common than we
realize. I always try to treat any tiny scratch with iodine if I notice
one when I'm working in the tanks. Still, its going to get under your
fingernails and then you spread it yourself into your eyes or nasal
passages. Fortunately for us mammals and the majority of our piscine
friends, we don't get too sick from all the bacteria that we ingest
every day without even knowing it+ACE- +ADs--)