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RE:Bacterial filter vs plant fliters

>There are several people making the point right now that you don't _need_
>bacterial filtration in a planted tank.
>Last time I remember seeing this topic go around, though, there was a fair
>amount of argument about how much of a _fish load_ should be kept in a
>planted tank with just a powerhead for circulation.
>I'm just speculating, but I think those of us with a heavier fish load
>should think hard before getting rid of that canister filter.  Especially if
>we're not sure that our fertilizing regimen is providing enough of
>everything _else_.
>Alysoun McLaughlin
>Wheaton, Maryland

Why not use a plant filter instead for that heavy fish load and/or those of
us that "like" to crash tanks from lack of CO2? You can scale back the
amount of plants rather easily to meet your needs. There will be some
bacterial action within any system but the plant will do most of the job on
the NH4+. It can be a good stepping stone to the next method or to keep
Tom Barr