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Trimming radican swords

I'm trying to keep some radican swords in my 24" tall
tank, but after about a month, the two plants are
already sending airborne leaves.  I understand these
are big swords to begin with.  But is there a way to
trim them so that new leaves remain submerged?  On one
plant I've already tried trimming off all leaves that
even touch the water surface.  Of course that only
leaves the old algae-covered leaves so the plant isn't
growing quite as fast as it used to.  Maybe it'll
learn a lesson or two about growing too tall :>

I wish I could just let them grow emersed but I use
flourescent lighting and I have an acrylic tank, so
that option is out.

Also, even if the plants are trimmable, I'm sure that
they will inevitably outgrow the tank.  I'd hate to
lose them so I am preparing to grow them emersed
outdoors in a bucket when the time comes.  I have a
few questions about this as well.  Should I leave the
plant partially submerged or can it survive with only
the roots submerged?  And are swords particularly
sensitive to temperature changes?  Since they're
mostly either from tropical regions or from
well-heated aquariums, I wasn't sure if they would
adapt to more temperate climates.  TIA.

Gerald Torres

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