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Ick in a planted tank?

I have recently added a few rainbowfish to my aquarium.  I did not have a
separate quarantine tank to put them in so I went ahead and added them to my
planted tank.  At the time, they did not have any noticeable signs of
disease.  Since I have introduced them, my swordtail platties and one
rainbowfish have ick.  I don't want to uproot all my plants and have to
cycle the tank from scratch after medicating the entire tank.  Is there a
product that will get rid of ick without disturbing the biological media in
the tank?  Would a UV Sterilizer work better than medication in the long

I am looking into getting a 5-10 gallon aquarium to use for a quarantine
tank in the future.  My 6 year-old could use it in the meantime to house
'his' fish.

Your help is greatly appreciated.