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yeast & Mystery fern

>The white water that had a visibility of about 3 inches now has a visibility
>of about 7 inches, and is getting better.  I tore down my filter, which was
>completely stopped up, and discovered why.  It was almost a solid mass of
>the white fungus, filling the filter nearly completely.  This is surprising,

Yeast is a living thing. I've had problems getting rid of that crap the
few times it snuck into tanks from feeding daphnia that I fed it to.

If it doesn't clear up you may want to take the fish out and dose the
tank with some bleach for 4 minutes they throw in enough thiosulphate
to neutralize it.

>Could anyone help me id this fern? I placed it in a "well" lit 55 gallon at 
>first.  Now its in an almost unlit 10, but still alive.  Not much change in 
>growth of either leaves or root system'
>you can see a pic of it here 
>any help would be appreciated.  I may like to add it back to the 55 if it is 
>indeed a true aquatic.  If not, I'll include it in my new emerserd growth 
>crypt planting.

It gets sold as "Bolbitis philapinensis" which of course doesn't exist.
It's a marginal plant that will only grow emersed.

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