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Re: Lighting Questions

> I have a lighting question for you experts out there...
> My current set up is as follows:
> 58 gallon tank (36" x 18" x 22", where 22" is the depth).
> I started out with 3-30 watt bulbs, and obviously this
> wasn't cutting it for a tank of this depth.  I migrated
> to a 150watt MH, of which I've had nothing but hassles
> with.  I built a hood for it, but didn't vent the hood
> and ended up cracking the glass top of my tank (just call
> me stupid, I know).  Anyways, it is now vented, but I am
> thinking of starting a 30 gallon open top tank and using
> the MH on it.
> My question for you all is, what would be your recommendations
> for getting light into this tank.  I am thinking about
> 2 of the 96watt CF available at ahsupply which would
> get me close to 4watt/gallon.  Any thoughts?  Is 4 watts/gallon
> enough light for a tank of this depth?

Sorry to follow up on my own post, I just wanted to clarify that
I am looking for lighting help with regards to my 58 gallon 
high tank.