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Thanks and PC lighting question

Thanks to everyone for the information on the tube for the Eheim diffuser. I
really appreciate the response. By the way, I purchased that diffuser and a
regulator from you, Dave. They've been working perfectly for about a year.
Best money I've spent in a while. Thanks again.

 I have another question that I haven't been able to find the answer for.

I am looking at Power Compacts as an upgrade option for my tank lighting.
This may seem like a silly question but one thing I have not been able to
determine is what wattage rating to go by. ex. A 27W pc is listed as
outputting 125W of light. On a 40 gallon tank with current NO flourescents
40w = 40w so 3 bulbs puts me at 3watts per gallon. Using the 27W PC as an
example would I want to use 5 bulbs (5x27=135W) or 1 bulb (1x125=125). Or is
reality somewhere in between?

This may be a "duh!" question but I haven't been able to find any mention of

C. Michael Tipton