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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #211

In a message dated 4/11/2000 01:03:13 Pacific Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

>  In the meantime, I am going to
>  find some sturdy bottles for CO2 duty.  Maybe Gatorade bottles, if I can't
>  find something tougher. 
Large glass bottles are becoming more and more scarce to find.  However, you 
might search out a store that carries Kosher Welch's Grape Juice.  (It's not 
the ordinary Welch's Grape Juice.)  It comes in a 48 oz. glass bottle with a 
metal cap.  It's not quite 2 liters, but it appears to be adequate for a CO2 
generator.  Of course, it's impossible to collapse the thing.  Failing that, 
cheap wine comes in glass jugs of various sizes.