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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #197

Hello - I am just getting into the plant aspect of aquarium's, and was
hoping for some input.  I have a 75g tank with a moderate fish load and
about 30 various plants (java moss, Amazon sword, Anubias nana, Apongeton
crispus, pigmy chain sword, and some kind of "crypts") someone from my lfs
planted for me.  Other facts I know are:  My tap water is very acidic - pH
of 6.0-6.2 and she added "some" crushed coral that brought the pH up to 7.7.
My kH is approx. 3-4, and the plants had Substrate gold laterite nuggets
added when they were planted.  I have 4-40 watt 48" bulbs mounted in the
canopy (2 life glo, 1 aqua glo, and 1 power glo).  I add Natural gold daily
and Plant Gro weekly.  I have an Eheim canister filter and use a pinpoint pH
monitor.  I just added (this week) a Carbo plus unit for Co2.
Questions:  Do I have sufficient lighting - depending on whether you
calculate wpg using actual volume or 75g, I calculated that I have
2 -2.5wpg.  I am assuming this is sufficient, am I correct?
From my readings, I believe I want to add enough baking soda to raise my kH
to at least 5 and then adjust the carbo plus input to bring the pH down to
7.0-7.2??  Do I have to keep replacing the baking soda weekly or just with
water changes which makes more sense to me.
How long will it take to see benefits from the Co2 addition, and should I
expect to see any pearling with this set-up?  Thanks in advance for any