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Re: Bolbitis V4 #206

""bolbitis sp war stories

i have recently aquired a species of bolbitis 
possibly heudeloth.

what i would like is any ones war stories with
the regard to growing and maintaining this fern
successes and or failures



I've had varied luck with Bolbitis.  I'm only aware of
two species, the one you mention and heteroclita.  If
your leaves look like a Maple leaf then it's
heteroclita.  If it has a ruffled look, it's
heudelotii.  I'd be surprised if you don't have

When I've had my best luck, it's in a low light tank. 
Also, the plant has been wedged in so that it can't
float.  I've tried tying the rhizome off to a piece of
PVC, rock, or driftwood, to keep it in place.  But the
growth seems to be inhibited if the rhizome is
constrained.  It seems strange, but that's my
experience.  Once the plant is large enough, it will
stay put without additional measures.

I don't use any high tech gadgets and I need to
clarify low light.  My friends have a large square
tank (around 40 gallons).  The nearest light is about
6 feet away and not directly over the tank.  Their
bolbitis heudelotii is humongous and grows like a
weed.  Some more antidotal info, I have a 55 with two
48" florescents.  The ballast conked out about 6 weeks
ago.  The plants were receiving sun from a north
facing window.  I fixed the light this weekend.  The
little bolbitus doubled in size, both rhizome length
and leaf length.  That isn't the way I'd prefer to
grow plants but that's how it worked.

Good luck. It is a beautiful plant.

newellcr at yahoo_com

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