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Merciless Ghost Shrimp!

Howdy, yet another horror story...

I have a lightly planted 55 gallon tank which has been established for about 3
months. To test the waters, I threw in about 10 guppies, they prospered
well....too well.  I like shrimp, so about 3 weeks ago, I bought 12 ghost shrimp
and put them in the tank as well.  They are happy and there is noticable growth
in some of them.  I figured because the tank was doing so well, I would add the
fish I intended to put into the tank from the very beginning... cardnals.  I
bought 40 from my LFS.  Upon arrival from the delivery truck into my hands 
(I was present when the truck arrived), there where about 8 already dead and the
rest where very skinny and looked of poor health.  But I bought them anyway.  
I did the normal acclimation to the water.  Within a few hours, there where
several cardnals that where swimming very low and barely moving.  The shrimp
took advantage of it, jumped on their backs and immediatly ate their fins so
they couldn't swim.  Then they proceded to finish them off...one by one.