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Apparent O2 shortage, need help!!

After having many of my fish for several years, through thick and thin, more
than half of them met their ends last night, due to the contents of both of
my 2 liter yeast reactors being sucked into my tank by the filter.  I had
the tubes for the CO2 placed next to the filter intake, under the foam
prefilter.  The prefilter got clogged, and both of my 2 liter bottles were
crumpled like a ball of tin foil, ejecting their contents into my tank,
effectively killing two-thirds of my beloved fish.  All my fish were in the
best of health, not having had any disease outbreaks for about a year, and
all were very tame, eating from my hands.  :(  Now I have a tank full of
white-fungus-covered plants and few fish.  I never thought it would happen
to me, despite the many posts I had read about the same thing happening to
others.  I figure the best thing I can do is share my experience so that
this calamity of mine might save someone else's fish, spare their owners the
guilt, and perhaps make me feel better for my foolishness in not heeding the
advice of others at the expense of my fish.  Please don't repeat my dumb


P.S.  It is interesting that some species are more tolerant than others to
yeast-goop.  All my tiger barbs died.  All my danios died.  Three-fourths of
my congo tetras died.  Three-fourths of my SAEs died.  My rubber pl*cos
died.  My sharks are just fine.  My royal pl*co is fine.  Everything that
was a loach is fine.  The gouramis are fantastic.  They are bullet-proof,
presumably because they can breathe atmospheric air like bettas.  Hmm,
Darwin really had something there. :)  Also, I will be taking suggestions on
recovery steps.  Is there a magic yeast remedy?  Maybe flocculents?  I
already did two 50% water changes.  I'll probably do 2 more tomorrow.  I
hooked up an air stone, figuring that it couldn't really hurt anything, and
it might be helpful.  Anything else I should know, like that using an air
stone will cause the tank to explode?