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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #203

>My question would be: is this a replacement for CO2 injection? How 
>would two otherwise identical plant tanks fare, one with flourish 
>excel and the other with CO2 injection (the answer to that one might 
>be a somewhat complex "it depends"  ;)  Maybe a better question 
>would be what type of setup would have the most to gain by the 
>addition of flourish).

Strictly speaking, no, it's not going to 100% replace CO2 injection, 
but it will provide, in terms of subjective growth, say between 
50%-75% of what CO2 can provide (and yes, that of course will depend 
;-). The type of setup that would most benefit is one where no CO2 
injection is being used.

-Greg Morin

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