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Re: Dave Gomberg's Mag

Hello All:

> I just got and eagerly read Dave Gomberg's issue # 1.  It's terrific - well 
> written and great pictures.  I plan to show it to area LFS's, and I suspect 
> the more we all support this excellent magazine the better it will become.  
> Congratulations Dave.

I can't agree more. I got my comp copy on Tuesday. Its now in the 
hands of the Morphological Taxonomist in the Dept, and the Dept is 
considering subscibing to it. I probably will, even though its a 
couple of hundred Rand a year. Bit time Congrats Dave, and all the 
contributers too. I was finally able to confirm that what is sold 
here as Italian Eelgrass, is in fact Echinodorus tennelus. Lovely 
plant. I use it in my smaller tanks all the time.


Jacques Gerber
Botany Department
Rhodes University
South Africa

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