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Re: CO2 test kit and pH

Craig wrote

Several people responded to my pH/CO2 problem. The overwhelming response was
that my CO2 test kit was wrong. So I tested it by taking some of my "70 ppm"
water and aerating it for about an hour with an air stone. The results: the
aerated water measured out at 40 ppm CO2. So I'm chucking my Red Sea CO2 kit
and just going back to using the chart. Thanks for all the input.

Wayne says

When I first started in this hobby I too bought this test kit. Mine turned
turned out to be completely bogus too. Over the past few years I have never
heard anybody ever say anything good about this test kit. I cannot imagine
that the company that makes this product is not aware of this. Surely it is
a simple matter to verify the test kit using known reference samples. If
they are aware of the problems with the test kit and have done nothing to
correct this problem would that be fraud? Why is it necessary for the
aquarium industry to try and make a living by selling aquarium people
products of little or no value. How much more expensive could it be to make
a test kit that works?