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Re:Need Help Identifying Algae

Don't add nitrate (or KN03) to the tank. During the cycling period, ammonia 
will be available (and obviously is, in excess), which would be utilized more 
easily than nitrate anyway. You haven't even gotten to the nitrate stage yet 

Oh, and don't add any more fish till tank is done cycling.


<< Don't forget, this is a three-week-old tank.  It's bound to go through some
 swings, and you'll probably see some diatoms and possibly an algae outbreak
 or two.  That said, it sure appears that you're nitrate-limited.  If you're
 sure of your test kit's results, add some KNO3!  BTW, if the Flourish tabs
 are the iron ones they're redundant with a Flourite substrate.  How much TMG
 are you using? >>