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plants with african cichlids

hullo everybody,
i just bought my friend's 33g freshwater aquarium and turned it into a tank
suitable for african cichlids. what kind of plants can i put in this tank
(besides java fern, windelov, a. nana)? i just put in vallisneria
(spelling?). can this survive in the tank? also i have questions not related
to plants so i hope all of you will forgive me. this afternoon, i bought 8
african cichlids (melanochromis auratus, mbuana cichlids...etc.) and i put
them in the tank. i checked awhile ago and 6 out of 2  kept on swimming up
and down, up and down the side (near the back) of the aquarium. they looked
agitated. (the other 2 were just swimming normally).  is this normal for the
others to swim round and round against the glass? does this mean they
haven't settled in yet?  i have pH at 8-8.2, 12 dGH. the rocks i have are
bowl rocks and tuffa rocks, i also have drift woods. does anybody have any
advise? i also have one upside down catfish in with the african cichlids.

what is the scientific name of dwarf lily? can i put this in the tank with
african cichlids? what about banana plants?
thanks in advance!

lsaezcoclarke at yahoo_com
Richmond, BC, Canada

ps. any other fish stores that sell african cichlids (cheap yet good
quality) besides big al's?