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Re: Profile

>>I just wanted to add that the clay soil conditioner
and the aquatic plant soil products are almost
identical.  Supposedly, the aquatic plant soil has a
smaller grain size, but I recently purchased both
products, and I can't tell the difference other than
the fact that the aquatic plant soil is 3 times more

And to make things even more confusing...until sometime last year, Profile
was put out by a company called AIMCOR until they either sold it or licensed
it to Schultz. Originally Profile Aquatic Plant Soil had the same granular
size as sand...then they changed it to be about the same size as Flourite.
Then it became Schultz...and then the conditioner product came out. One of
these companies, (its gotten so confusing I dont know which one) makes
Turface, a clay conditioner for golf courses which is also exactly the same
product, but REALLY cheap! A month ago I went into Home Depot and they had
the old sand Profile, the larger granular profile, and Schultz Profile
Aquatic Plant Soil, all on the same shelf! I guess they dont sell much of
it..  The old sand Profile is REALLY light until it becomes compacted
together..then you need a chisel.

Robert Paul H