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At 03:48 AM 4/4/2000 -0400, Diana Peachdoo wrote:
>  I am trying to educate myself on the subject of lighting....
>I remain puzzled. 

I think you are overdoing this.  I tend to go for the watts/gallon (because
it is easy and I am lazy).  I also belong to the "remove a five-gallon
bucket of plants each week" school of thunderous growth, so I go for
4w/gal.  I go for a color temperature that makes the plants look nice, but
since I am cheap I compromise on 5000-5500K.  6000-6500K would be OK too if
it were cheap.  I am pretty handy and have a fire extinguisher, so I tend
to do it myself, and I buy kits from  A H Supply ( http://www.ahsupply.com
).  If you stuff about 60% of what will fit over the top of your tank you
will probably be fine.   Maybe 2x55w.   Tell Kim Bryant at AHSupply that
you read about him in Planted Aquaria Magazine!

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