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Re: Aquascaping Showcase

James Purchase wrote:
I don't expect to see 300 "Amano type" aquascapes because that is not the
reality - most of us don't have the patience or the restraint for that sort
of thing. As Karen Randall pointed out in her article in the first issue of
Planted Aquaria (Feb. 2000), style is a very personal thing and we each have
our own. Setting up an aquascape provides each of us the opportunity to
become landscape architects in miniature.<<

I think this is the key to this whole event..While the idea of competition
and winning prizes may get some people juiced up, I am really looking
forward to seeing a vast array of different aquascapes from children to
adults, and novice to expert. This is why I am encouraging everyone I have
contact with to participate. If there is as much response as we hope, I can
just imagine how long its going to take to load the internet pages
displaying all the pictures!!

Robert Paul H
Authorized dealer for Substrate Gold!