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Re: Collecting aquatic plants

>  Anyway, I was fishing in a marsh Saturday and while there collected a 
>  couple of interesting freshwater plants ...  
>  My real question is about introducing them to my tank.  Are there any 
>  precautions I should take or special preparations I should do before I 
>  induce them to the tank? Is it a risk?  Should I forget about it? Any 
>  comments on this would be appreciated.

I collect aquatic plants here in Florida whenever I see something 
interesting. I can always find Micranthemum umbrosum, Salvania sp., Pistia 
stratiodes, Ludwigia sp., Bacopa caroliniana, Echinodorus tenellus (I think), 
and lots of others. I always soak them in a 5% bleach solution for about 3-5 
minutes before putting them in the tank. This may be overkill, but when you 
didn't pay anything for the plants, I'd rather be safe than sorry. So far, it 
hasn't hurt any of the plants, and I've got some neat native specimens in my 
tank that are growing very well.