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39W PC tubes

Hello, all.  

I'm back after a long absence from the list.  I was just given a 27 gal hex tank by a friend, and am rigging some DIY lighting over the top.  I plan to use F39/36BX/SPX hi-lumen biax bulbs for the hood, and have so far been able to locate ballast and 4100K bulbs.  I am going to get in touch with E. Gaynor for the 2G11 lampholders.  I have seen 5000K bulbs of this size on various websites and catalogs, but so far haven't been able to find anyone who carries them in the states.  Could anyone clue me in as to if I can find these and where?  Oh, and please respond to my personal address.  I am not sure when my resubscription is going to kick in.  It's good to be back!

Dave Gauthier
Gauthier at vims_edu