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ok, so I have this jar......

I've got this jar that's been sitting around my apartment for over a year.
It's roughly 6 1/2 inches in diameter (excepting the mouth of the jar which
narrows down to about 3 1/2 inches) and 11 inches tall. Its volume is
roughly 1 1/4 gallons. I'm either going to marinate some hot peppers or try
to grow a plant in it. 

Would I be able to grow a low light plant in this jar? I would not want to
be bothered with CO2 or with lighting. Ideally, I would want to set it in
front of a window, and just do water changes. (How often would you change
the water in a setup like this?) I might even want to add a little fish.
(Whould that be cruel?)

What do you all think? Is it possible, and if so, what type of plant would
you recommend? I was thinking of using a clipping or one of the baby plants
from my existing java fern.