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Re: Lead weights

Instead of lead weights I have found common rock to be very effective.
This method involved some work, but it remains very effective.

First, locate some flat rocks about 1/2" to 1' thick.  Using a drill
press and a 3/16ths concrete drill bit, drill a hole in the rock.  Keep
the tip wet and slower rotation speeds are more effective than faster
ones. Plan ahead to be sure that the rock will not interfere with other
plantings in the aquarium.

After you have drilled the whole, use a "dry wall" screw long enough to
pass through the rock and into the driftwood.  Drive the screw 1/2 way
into the driftwood and add some aquarium safe sealant to the exposed
portion of the screw between the rock and the driftwood.  Finish
installing the screw.  Place a small dab of sealant on the screw head
and let dry overnight.

Make sure that you add some dunnage under the rock to protect the glass
bottom and bury the rock into the substrate.  Viola, sunken driftwood.