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Re: My lead weights

Sounds valid. Stupidly, while temporarily rigging some workable setup, and 
having them on hand, I used the lead weight to tie the co2 inline to another 
tube in the tank, keeping it in place. Thus, CO2 and the lead weight were 
introduced into the tank at the same time. Unfortunately, as is my habit, 
since it worked, I never bothered to change the setup (till problems became 
extremely evident). 

Moral of the story: Don't use lead weights!


<< I read up on the action of lead in an aquarium and realized Co2 was
 enhancing the dissolution of lead into the water column!  The dissolved
 lead IMHO was inhibiting plant growth AND obviously killing the fish.  The
 situation changed after a completly changed the water and dumped the top 2"
 of substrate.   >>