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Re: cleaning glass

Christopher Newell said:

>The deposits on my tank tops result from a process where water condenses on
>the tops during the night when the lights are off and then dries up during
>the day when the lights come on and heat the tops.  Glass is dissolved
>during the night and then redeposited during the day.  As the months go by,
>considerable deposits build up, fogging the glass and cutting down on the
>transmitted light.  These deposits are extremely hard.  I tried polishing
>with cerium oxide powder, but,  rubbing with all my might, I couldn't make
>an impression on even a small section of clouded glass.  Perhaps with a
>large, high speed drill and a buffing head, I could clear up some of the
>deposit, but with my little electric drill, I can't make any impression.

This seems like an unlikely scenario. How can condensed water, which should
be very pure, dissolve glass? Very strong alkalis can etch glass, as can a
few very potent acids, but I hardly think you would have these in your tank!
Are you sure you are not seeing hard water deposits? I get these on my lid
as a result of the fish splashing about, etc. THey come off with a dilute
vinegar solution and a little elbow grease.

Peter G. Aitken