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Re: Pblant weights

Dwight wrote
"I wish this problem were addressed more in the aquarium trade.  I first

  realized the problem when I used lead weights to hold down sword runners
  below the surface of a BALANCED aquarium.  The more I used, the more plant
  growth seemed to slow.  I increased lighting...no effect.   I increased
  substrate nutrients...no effect.  Water changes gave limited improvment.  I
  increased Co2  to no effect in plant growth, but in response fish began to
  die that were showing no signs of illness.  Ph didnt drop below 6.6.

  I read up on the action of lead in an aquarium and realized Co2 was
  enhancing the dissolution of lead into the water column!  The dissolved
  lead IMHO was inhibiting plant growth AND obviously killing the fish.  The
  situation changed after a completly changed the water and dumped the top 2"
  of substrate.

  One cannot deny the utility of the lead weights.  "

Sure I can.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I just don't see the purpose.
I can understand why a store would use them to weigh down plants
they don't really want to plant in the substrate, since they will not be in their
for a long period, but I see no reason why anyone else would want them.
What's wrong with just shoving the plants in the substrate and letting them root
themselves?  Even with sword runners, just bury part of them with some
gravel and they stay down fine.  Shrug, maybe I have just not come across
a need for them yet, but why buy plastic coated lead when a bit
of gravel works fine?

apologies if this came through twice.