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Tweaking tank--fertilizers

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 09:34:37 -0800
From: "Rubin, Michael" <mrubin at visa_com>
Subject: time to tweak the tank

I notice you're adding KNO3 (the stump remover) as well.  This is
you should be careful with.  As you don't have a fishload it's likely
your risk is lower, but it's easy to add too much nitrate.  I'm gong to
out on a limb here and suggest you test your nitrate level.  the only
one can get a feel for what the plants' appearance tells one is to build
base-level of understanding.


Not too worried here, this is why I removed the fish while I feel my way
around.  I will test the nitrate, tho. Good idea.  I am just gettign the
feeling that plants tanks require a heck of a lot more food than I
thought. Ppl are feeding daily, for goodness sake.

Something is missing, tho, so I started with stump rot to see what


Lastly, though many have had excellent results with them (myself
Jobes sticks are not a cure-all.  The substrate binds macro-nutients
such as
K, Fe, NO3 and PO4.  Adding Jobes sticks, which provide all of the above
(except the Fe) may be dangerous if they're not needed.  Roger would
probably be able to tell you more, but I've learned to fear leakage from
substrate.  Jeff Kropp, a talented and observant aquarist here in the SF
Area, has reported real trouble from using this product.


Humm.  First I have heard of this, but I am always nervous of things
creeping out of the muck, being the former queen of the hydrogen
sulphate bubble and a recurring fungus on my cories that I still blame
on either substrate or fertilizer.  ACtually, this is why I tore up the
lovely 15 gal tank.  GReat plants, for a beginner, but sick fish.

I did use the Job's very very spariingly, like about a third a sitck per
plant on three pplants total.

Tahnks for the observations.