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RE: Tetra CO2 Question

  >Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 16:32:39 +0000 (GMT)
  >From: Gerry Skau <gerry at ans_net>
  >Subject: Tetra CO2 Question
  >I have on of those old Tetra CO2 systems-the one with the nested Bell
  >jars. I want to refill the CO2 bottle but the place told me they need to
  >know how much the bottle holds. Of coure it's not on the bottle and I
  >e-mailed Tetra and they couldn't help either. Does anyone use
  >one of these
  >of have the directions and know how much to fill the bottle with?
  >       Gerry Skau

I wish that someone who had used this Tetra Bell system can tell you.  But
if you provide me the exact dimensions of the cylinder (height not including
the cylinder valve) and the outside diameter, I should be able to figure
something out - but it will be at the best an *estimate* so don't hold me
responsible if anything bad happens as a result of this.  ; )  Also, does
your local dealer has the Aqualine Buschke CO2 system in stock (distributed
by Red Sea Fish pHarm now)?  Compare the size of the Tetra bottle with this
AB one.  If they are nearly identical (visually speaking), then I can boldly
say that you are looking at a 300 gram bottle.  But you better double-check
one way or the other.  If you have a paint ball supply shop nearby, bring in
your bottle and see if there is a comparable one in terms of size.  Very
likely, there is.