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Re: TMG substitute?

Hoa Nguyen <nguyenh at nosc_mil> wrote: 

> >Subject: Re: TMG substitute?
> >
> >And boron ! I use similar stuff in my PMDD and I do add boric acid to it.
> >
> >- -Ivo Busko
> Ivo,
> How much boric acid do you add?  I use just a tiny pinch per 200ml of water
> of the PMDD solution.  Is that too little?  What's the right proportion?
> By the way, I have found a nice solution to the problem of my coarse K2S04
> having a hard time dissolving and coming out of solution.  Now I put a half
> teaspoon of this gravel-like K2SO4 in a mesh bag, wrap it up in filter
> floss, and stick it into my filter.  It dissolves slowly and nicely, and is
> gone by the time I clean my filter again (every two weeks).  I didn't use
> to clean my filter so often, but the new Fluval x04 series is just so easy
> to clean that I can't pass it up whenever I do a water change.
> Hoa


It should be 1/2 tsp (1.4 g) of H3BO3 per *liter* of PMDD solution. 

To get an easier time with the near-saturation salts, I just prepare a
half-strength PMDD mix and use twice as much in the tank. So I actually 
use 1/4 tsp H3BO3 / liter to make this half-strength PMDD.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD