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Re: Pets.com coupon

I had a problem trying to use the $15 coupon and eventually gave up. (As I 
recall, around Christmas they sent me an email with a coupon, and I was 
unable to redeem that, so I just hung it up.)

When I got the link for the $20 coupon from Chuck, I tried again. It went 
through without a hitch. On the website they mention that they've had 
problems. I suspect they're giving away these generous coupons with no 
minimums because they're trying to work bugs out of the system, and trying to 
attract shoppers back, who decided it was more trouble than it was worth.

I am inclined to be grateful for this kind of service. (And so as to not feel 
guilty, I ordered more than $20 worth of merchandise.) I've had lots of 
problems with other internet sites while ordering, and their customer service 
didn't care to remedy the problem.


<< hanks to the people who posted the information.  however, i must say that 
 pets.com website s*cks majorly.  they could not process my order, in spite 
 my 5 tries.  there was always a problem or another, and finally, i gave up 
 when i repeatedly got a message that the processor declined my credit card.  
 (there's absolutely *nothing* wrong with my credit, that's one thing i'm 
 sure).  i called them but the customer rep could only tell me to try it 
 later.  they could not take my order over the phone.  this was this 
 afternoon.  i just tried it again tonight.  same problem, they could not 
 process my order.  i ended up ordering it with the check payment option, in 
 order to take advantage of the $20 coupon.  i'll be mailing them a check 
 tomorrow, but based on my experience this time, i doubt i'll be buying from 
 them again.