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Re: Filter Media?

I also have a Fluval (303) as the single filter in my 46 heavily planted,
heavy fish load, never vacuumed, aquarium. After some initial experiments, 
I settled into: ceramic noodles in the lower basket, and 4 floss disks in 
the middle and upper baskets. I've been using this for almost one year now, 
and the water is crystal clear. I clean the filter at about 5-6 week intervals.

Beware to plug the holes that remain after you lock the top basket cover 
in place. They are responsible for a significant amount of water bypass 
(really bad filter design). I make plugs of tiny pieces of foam and stick 
then into the openings. Otherwise the tank water never gets *completely* 
crystal clear.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD