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Java Moss not doing well

Two weeks ago I put a piece of driftwood with Java Moss tied to it in my tank. It has not shown any real growth yet. There are a few small, new green stems ( much wider than the fine stems that the plant had when I got it)  that have appeared toward the center of the clumps, but the majority is just sitting there. I know that most  people report that this stuff grows like a weed but mine isn't. My tank parameters are KH of 3, GH of 7, temp = 78 degrees F, regular additions of TMG and KNO3, CO2 injection, 220 watts of CF lighting on my 55 gal. tank, weekly 30 % water changes. I'm wondering if I have too much light to grow this? All my other plants are growing at an amazing rate , Sag. Subulata, Ambulia, Red temple ( nice bright violet leaves), etc. Any ideas what to do,  or does Java Moss take a longer time to adjust to differing conditions than what it was raised in ?
Bob Buettner
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