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Cleaning glass

>> I did replace my covers about 6 months ago, and the total cost was $56.00.
>>  Already, the new covers have deposits.  The cost was a little bit higher
>>  than you might expect, because I use double-strength glass so that I don't
>>  worry about the weight of the light fixture sitting on top stressing the
>>  glass.
>Muriatic acid should take it off quite easily.  Be sure to wear "playtex" 
>gloves, and do it outside or in an extremely well-ventilated space.

DON'T do it indoors. Hydrochloric acid is a solution of
hydrogen chloride in water and it just loves to come
out of solution. It's one of the strogest acids known.

It is nasty, nasty, nasty stuff. I used it *once* to clean
a fishtank. I grew up around the stuff and have used it
a lot, but it's completely inappropriate for cleaning fishtanks
or glass.

The answer is... vinegar! I've never seen anything clean like
this stiff. I put a couple of cups in a pyrex jug, nukrowave
it for two minutes, then clean glass covers or fishtanks with
it. If you have that rainbow kind of haze it can't get that
off and frankly nothng will, but it will remove hardness
deposits and get the glass, well, crytal clear.

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