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Substrate additive

After lamenting the choice of a gravel-only substrate, and subsequently 
deciding to go heavily into plants, I am wondering if the following are 
possible remedies.

I noticed (thanks Chuck, for that coupon) from Pets.com they sell Flourite, 
First Layer Laterite, and Terralit.

I'm not trying to start a debate about these choices as a substrate. I've 
checked through archives. Without much controversy, I suppose Flourish would 
win as the first choice in substrate choices--I've seen great results with 
Flourite with even very low light and minimal futzing. Would it be useful 
only as an additive with regular gravel around plants and such?

I'm wondering which of these products might be helpful as an addition to my 
gravel (already set up) when planting new plants, around root bases, and 
around bulbs (those ulvaceous are obviously nutrient deprived). I am not even 
considering tearing all up at this time.

Thanks for any advice.