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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #187

Katie writes:

> Red makes plants grow up, blue light makes plants grow bushy.  It is 
>  that you have a different species of Vallisineria, as there are many.  
>  Possibly it is a contortion val or an Italian val, but I don't think 
>  of those is supposed to get to 42 inches!  How many bulbs are there on 
>  tank? 

Only two.  One Phillips Advantage 50 and one reddish GE K&B.  Since daylight 
is somewhere in the 6000-7000Kelvin range, I am thinking that a 5000K and a 
7500 K would give a good balance.


 Plants need that red spectrum, so possibly instead of replacing it 
>  with a blue one, could you just add a blue one?  On my tank, I have two 
>  reddish bulbs and two "50/50" (half actinic) bulbs that give out a small 
>  amount of blue light.