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Re: Wood Weights


What works the best for me is slate. Break it up to 
be the same size as the part of wood you want to lay
on the substrate. You can layer pieces to get more 
weight. Once you have done that, drill a hole through
all the slate and put a screw in through the hole's
then into the wood. What little bit of slate shows
you can cover with substrate.


>Hello all,

>I have a problem with not being able to get my driftwood to sink.  I'm in the 
>process of setting up a 55 gallon tank and I cheaply acquired a bunch of nice 
>driftwood, but even after 2 weeks of soaking, it won't sink.  I tried 
>weighting it down with small granite stones and some fishing wire, but to no 
>avail.  I need something heavier.  I was wondering if there was some type of 
>metal I could use to hold them down.  I was wondering about using some 
>gardening stakes...is that a really bad idea?  I'm sure some red flags should 
>be going up somewhere.  I could use lead, right?  Since they make plant 
>weights out of lead?
>Thanks for any help,