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Extra Plant and Coupons

I have set up my aquarium about 3 weeks ago.  One of the plants I bought has
overgrown my 45 gallon aquarium.  I don't know what it is.  It is a bulb
type plant (kind of like a coconut).  The leaves start out as shoots that
unfold and grow really long.  The leaves are about 3 inches wide and about
15 inches long not including the stem.  They are slightly ribboned.  The
stem is about 8 inches long.  It is a very fast grower.   My tank is only
about 2 feet tall.  My tank is starting to look like a pasta bowl.  If
anyone in the Dallas area is interested in this plant, please contact me.  I
live in McKinney.  Sorry I don't know what it is called.  It came from the
Dallas North Aquarium Store off the Tollway.  I would much rather see it go
to a good home than have to chop on it. I prefer pick up instead of shipment
as the leaves will rip very easily.  No exchange necessary unless you would
just like to get rid of something that is low growing like a foreground

I love to shop on the internet.  Here are a few great links to coupon sites
that I use.  They usually have coupons for Petoipia, PetsMart, and Pets.com.
I have purchased so many pet supplies that I am thinking about using these
resources in the future to support my local SPCA for pet food.  Hope this
post does not go against the rules of the list as I am new here.

Funtasia's Internet Coupons

Flamingo World Discounts & Internet Coupons

AtoZ Deals.com


Jennifer Prince