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Cleaning glass.

I missed the original post, but I've had great luck in
cleaning glass.

""I did replace my covers about 6 months ago, and the
total cost was 
Already, the new covers have deposits.  The cost was a
little bit 
than you might expect, because I use double-strength
glass so that I 
worry about the weight of the light fixture sitting on
top stressing 

I've used "CLR" cleaning product to clean all types of
glass including fish bowls, tanks, and tank hoods.  I
got it in the local hardware store on a hobbyists
suggestion.  It comes in a grey bottle.  It's
miserable stuff to work with but does a great job of
removing anything I've ever tried it on.  Put on
rubber gloves and eye protection and use as indicated.
 Then thoroughly rinse the stuff in clean water.  As a
precautionary measure, I give the glass another bath
for several hours in bleach solution.

Like I said, it's miserable stuff, but doesn't require
heavy scrubbing and it seems to rinse clean as

Good Luck


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