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TMG substitute?

I purchased a quart of "Hi-Yield" brand "Liquid Iron and Other Micro Plant
Nutrients" at the garden store for $4.99.

Guaranteed minimums are:
Sulfur total                         2.000%
Water soluble Copper        .125%
Water soluble Iron                2.500%
Water soluble Manganese    .250%
Water soluble Zinc.              .250%

Made from copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, and zinc

The only thing missing is Molybdenum.

I have potassium nitrate for the nitrogen, and some of the potassium.  I
also have some "Muriate of Potash" which might not be a good source of
potassium, as it appears to have a lot of chlorine in it  (anyone know if it
is usable?).   I have not been able to locate K2SO4 locally yet.  I also
have some magnesium sulfate.

Does anyone know if this stuff can make a good substitute for TMG?  If so,
does anyone have a suggestion on what else is needed?

Steve Pituch