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melon sword questions

I have a recently replanted melon sword in my 75-gallon.  I have 9 34 watt
T8s over a PMDD and kitty liter\laterite\Plantex base with compressed CO2
and very hard water.  The thank was a jungle type tank with dense, dense
foliage and I decided to go to a cleaner look I chose to keep the melon
sword which, until now had been very crowded and shaded.  It now enjoys
direct lighting and has been relocated.  It makes many new leaves but these
don't really seem to be coloring up right.  They remain translucent and
actually have a sort of reddish green tint.  The major veins in the leaves
are green and a kind of greenness seems to creep up the leaf from the base
as it ages, but it doesn't, or it seems to take a very long tome to get
green like the pre transplant leaves.  All the other plants are don't fine,
if not great.  The melon is growing rapidly, it's just not coloring up, it
even makes bubble streams but perhaps not in the perfusion of the other
plants.   Comments?