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substrate water column fertilizer

Hi everybody, just wanted to know if any of you out there use just substrate 
fertilizer without using water column fertilizer..

i know that green spot algae occurs in most planted tanks (with co2 and high 
light.. etc etc..) but one of my friend suggested his plants grew really 
with fertilizer clay balls (steve pushak's method) and didn't add any liquid 
fertilizer to the water column.. and there was not BBA or any other algae 
problems.. except for green spot algae.. another tank he had.. he used the 
clay ball fertilizers and some liquid fertilizers (i think seachem's 
flourish and flourish iron) and not too sure if he dosed it too much but 
some BBA (does that stand for black beard algae?!?!) and some fuzzy type of 
algae all over his swords, saggiterria (spelling) and anabuis (spelling 
again. = (..)
anyways have any of you noticed that.. if the substrate is rich enough that 
the plants will do well without adding any fertilizer in the column.. but 
his hasn't tried any TMG yet..
acutaly i haven't tried it yet i'll go out and get a bottle this weekend and 
try it out on my tank.. i have some BBA on my plants but the SAE's take care 
of most of it.. and lots of green spot algae on my glass. it's a 65 gallon 
tank and i have 5 octo's in there but the green spot algae grows faster than 
they can clean it off (i know i can just scrub it off myself)
thanks for any replies and thanks for the replies for the neon 
rainbowfish..i decided to buy 10 of them for my tank.. and hopefully be 
successful in breeding them.. as i have talked to a few people off the 
thanks very much

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