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Happy tank! Now where can I find r. macrandra?

I ordered the rotala macranda from AAG. My advice is, unequivocally, don't. A 
recent shipment from them (of r. macranda) yielded some rotting and decaying 
leafs/stems. I ordered 2 bunches, hoping out of that I'd get a few decent 
stems to start a patch with. The jury is still out on whether or not anything 
will be salvaged. 

In the past I've spoken to Jim at Bestfish.com. They were, at one time 
shipping plants and fish. Rotala macranda is listed on their plant page, but 
I don't know if they have it at the present time. 


<<For the final touch, I need a splash of color, so I'd like to get some 
macrandra.  The only place I've found online with any is AAG, but that's 
really not practical for one plant.  (I don't need $35 worth!)  I've seen 
at the LFS, but never macrandra.  Does anyone know of any other online

Alternatively, is there anyone (preferably in SF Bay Area) who would trade
rotala for java fern, or even just take pity on me and give me a cutting?>>