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Happy tank! Now where can I find r. macrandra?

With the AGA aquascaping contest on, I decided to get my tank in shape.  I
removed most of the floating stuff (water sprite, duckweed, bacopa,
echinodorus, and whatever else found its way to the surface) that was shading
out all the light and got an Eheim diffuser to finally get control of my CO2. 
After some pruning and replanting, everything looks great.  The CO2 injection
is stable at 2 bubbles/second.  With some Jobe's sticks in the gravel, the swords
have really taken off.  And this morning, my java fern was looking like an
airstone with all the bubbling it was doing.  I'm talking dozens of streams of
tiny bubbles from each of several large leaves.

For the final touch, I need a splash of color, so I'd like to get some rotala
macrandra.  The only place I've found online with any is AAG, but that's 
really not practical for one plant.  (I don't need $35 worth!)  I've seen indica
at the LFS, but never macrandra.  Does anyone know of any other online

Alternatively, is there anyone (preferably in SF Bay Area) who would trade
rotala for java fern, or even just take pity on me and give me a cutting?

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA

PS. Thanks go out to Eric Tulsky, both for giving my mollies a home and for
the two little water sprite plantlets in January.  By now, I have supplied two
local stores and one friend with 6+ plants each, I have a HUGE plant growing
in a bucket outside, 3 medium sized plants growing rooted, a few more floaters,