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algae and nutrients

I don't believe the statement:

"If you have algae, then you must have an excess of one or more

Algae can grow even when nutrients are sufficient for plant growth no
matter how hard you try to reduce the amount of available N, P or Fe in
the water. There is always enough to keep the algae alive or growing
slowly. If you have high amounts of these nutrients, then it is likely
that your algae problems will become much worse.

You can only limit the growth rates of algae by nutrient controls. You
must rely upon one of the following to remove it:
1) manually take it out
2) prevent it from ever getting in (difficult)
3) get a grazer for that kind of algae

Grazers vary in their ability to consume algae; those most effective
filament algae eaters will also eat fine leaved plants like Heteranthera
zosterifolia, Mayaca, Cabomba. Snails are good for controlling diatom
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