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Lighting alternatives


I would whole heartily suggest AH supply for some compact lighting.  Talk to 
Kim.  The prices may be a little high, but if you're willing to spend, his 
lighting is excellent.  Another option and much less expensive would be to 
go to the local hardware store and purchase a 4 bulb fixture.  I striped out 
the bulbs, sockets, and ballast and put it into a custom designed hood.  
Many others have added a brace to the fixture and mounted this directly over 
the tank.  Works great.  Either way, let us know what you decide.

Oops, just noticed that you may be able to replace the one plastic clip.  
They have those at the hardware store as well.  MUCH CHEAPER!

>Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 23:52:42 -0500
>From: Christina Samuels <casamuels at earthlink_net>
>Subject: Lighting problem
>Hello all. First of all, thanks to all who answered me about shrimp and
>A problem has arisen. This is my very first aquarium, and I'm so excited
>about it.  I haven't even gotten fish yet, actually, i'm so busy futzing
>around with the plants.  Well, tonight I was adding some java moss and I 
>my 60watt double tube light strip on the floor to one side, knocked it over
>and one of the plastic clips that holds one end of a bulb broke right off.
>Like, the actual plastic is broken, it's not like it popped out or 
>The single tube still in there lights up fine -- but basically that's it 
>the strip light, right? $80 down the drain?
>I'm trying to look on the positive side. First, I didn't electrocute myself
>by my carelessness. Very positive. Second, since I have to get something
>new, maybe this is an opportunity to add more light. I thought two
>watts/gallon was good, and the plants seem to be growing great; I have easy
>plants. I swear I can see the banana plant growing; it's amazing. I thought
>for sure I'd kill everything by moving them around so much. But are there
>other options out there light strip wise for a 29g tank? (36 wide, 12 
>from front to back.) I guess I don't need super high powered lights. I
>should add that I am DIY project impaired, unfortunately -- DIY yeast is
>about the height of my abilities.
>Christina in Washington D.C.

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