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Re: Lighting problem

Christina Samuels <casamuels at earthlink_net> sez:

> ...60watt double tube light strip on the floor to one side, knocked it over
> and one of the plastic clips that holds one end of a bulb broke right off.
> Like, the actual plastic is broken, it's not like it popped out or anything.
> The single tube still in there lights up fine -- but basically that's it for
> the strip light, right? $80 down the drain?

Does the light with the broken clip still work?  I'm not sure what pice
of plastic you are talking about.  If its job is to mechanically hold
the light in place, naybe you could gerry-rig something with a
tie-wrap.  If its job is to insulate the lamp electrical connection, you
might can just leave the wires exposed, or paint them with "liquid
electrical tape".  It is also possible that the broken piece is a
standard replacement part.

I don't know if any of this has been useful, but if it's only a plastic
part that is broken, you should be able to repair the ligt strip. But it
might look weird from the bottom :-)