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Lighting problem

Hello all. First of all, thanks to all who answered me about shrimp and

A problem has arisen. This is my very first aquarium, and I'm so excited
about it.  I haven't even gotten fish yet, actually, i'm so busy futzing
around with the plants.  Well, tonight I was adding some java moss and I put
my 60watt double tube light strip on the floor to one side, knocked it over
and one of the plastic clips that holds one end of a bulb broke right off.
Like, the actual plastic is broken, it's not like it popped out or anything.
The single tube still in there lights up fine -- but basically that's it for
the strip light, right? $80 down the drain?

I'm trying to look on the positive side. First, I didn't electrocute myself
by my carelessness. Very positive. Second, since I have to get something
new, maybe this is an opportunity to add more light. I thought two
watts/gallon was good, and the plants seem to be growing great; I have easy
plants. I swear I can see the banana plant growing; it's amazing. I thought
for sure I'd kill everything by moving them around so much. But are there
other options out there light strip wise for a 29g tank? (36 wide, 12 inches
from front to back.) I guess I don't need super high powered lights. I
should add that I am DIY project impaired, unfortunately -- DIY yeast is
about the height of my abilities.

Christina in Washington D.C.